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Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate Program 2.jpg

The Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate Program is approved by the Washington State Department of Health, and it satisfies the education requirements for employees who wish to sell medical marijuana at licensed stores.

This program distinguishes current employees and prepares prospective employees to be eligible for employment.

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The American Academy of Pain Medicine estimates that over 100 million Americans currently suffer from chronic pain.

Join us as we look into the inner workings of cannabis, why our body recognizes it and uses it, how whole plant chemistry may be a better answer than modern synthesized single compound medicines, and be prepared to guide people currently working with their healthcare professional to find a new way to relieve their pain.

Cannabis Strain Science_ Beyond Folklore and Pseudoscience 2.jpg

Prohibition has created a barrier between the public and people seeking reliable information both about the history and strain names that we have come to rely on.

When patients are depending on this for more than simply recreation, we must be able to help them distinguish hype from fact. Know more about your cannabis than a catchy name.

Cannabis Research and Health Risks 2.jpg

Due to federal drug laws, conducting effective cannabis research and its related risks and benefits has been challenging in the US.

During this course, we'll explore the current barriers to advancing marijuana-related scientific knowledge, identify the most salient contraindications, discuss Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD,) and more.

Providing Guidance for Growing Cannabis at Home 2.jpg

A growing list of other states now allow patients with a valid recommendation from their healthcare professional to grow cannabis at home. Let us learn those skills from the comfort of your home in this online course .

While this course has been developed for Medical Marijuana Consultants, it would be highly beneficial for any medical marijuana patients or official caregivers who are interested in establishing their own cannabis garden at home.

Medical Marijuana_ Qualifying Conditions and Product Selection 2.jpg

Using marijuana medicinally is a new treatment concept for some, and it may be a solution that many patients are interested in trying, with the supervision of their healthcare providers.

Join us as we explore in detail the current qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana in Washington State.

You’ll learn about each condition, likely related conditions, and products that may offer relief while being less toxic and dangerous than what patients may have tried before.